Our Team

Our people at GLO Real Estate have extensive and diverse experiences in the real estate industry.

Felix Chen - Principal of GLO Real Estate
Over 15 years of real estate business development and management experience, and with a strong systems and data analysis background, which allows us to maximise benefits for our people and clients. He has extensive experience in the real estate industry, allowing him to provide the best advice and strategies, and in the best interest of his clients.

Sarah Hsieh - Sales Manager of GLO Real Estate
Extensive experience in real estate sales and high-end luxury retail. She has successfully completed a number of investment property renovation management projects, which sees her eye for detail and strengths in making the best judgements for her clients. She has exceptional communication and negotiation skills and will achieve the top results possible in every scenario.

Mike Hsieh - Real Estate Agent at GLO Real Estate
Outstanding track record in the real estate industry with over 20+ years experience. He has all the connections to buyers and sellers. His specialty area includes acreage blocks and development sites in the south of Brisbane.

Carol Lee - Real Estate Agent at GLO Real Estate
Having been in the real estate industry in the southside of Brisbane for more than 15 years, Carol has a fantastic experience and huge network of buyers and sellers. Her outgoing and cheerful personality, along with her positive and persistent attitude, brings an invaluable asset to GLO Real Estate. She will strive for the best for our clients and bring about happy long term friendships.

Our Goal
Our goal is to work in the best interest of our clients, utilising the best strategies in order to maximise our clients' returns.